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IMGP6843.JPGicon.jpg  hamatra : "hamatra", originally a contraction for 'yokohama traditional', was founded as a freepaper edited, designed and published by YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters, featuring interviews, the chant lyrics, columns, informations, etc., available at the stadium on home games, in order to encourage YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters' activities. Please see the FAQs on the right for further information. 
icon.jpg  Back Numbers : The list and covers of "hamatra" back numbers can be seen here, with the selected articles (Japanese only). For the availability of back number copies, Please see the FAQs on the right for further information.
08-04-RDT-Muffler-image.jpgicon.jpg  hamatra Goods : "hamatra" produces the original supporters' goods to encourage the support and earn the budget to print the issues and to produce various supporting activities. Produced and designed by "hamatra" in collaboration with Trico Point (official fans shop), the goods are pre-ordered in hamatra SNS(YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters' social networking service derived from "hamatra") and sold at Trico Point in Shin-Yokohama. Please check out the Japanese page for the items.
IMGP1406.JPGicon.jpg  NPO : Not only at the stadium on match days, using hamatra SNS (see below for details) as the network and communication tool, hamatra has aso produced the activities outside the stadium, such as cleaning-up Minato-mirai area, putting up the match posters in ward-by-ward where each member lives, participating in events held in Yokohama, etc. As on May 14, 2009, in order to spread the activities further more and create our own football culture, hamatra has officially become a non-profit organization, yokohama hamatra non profit organization.


icon.jpg  hamatra SNS : Derived from "hamatra", hamatra SNS is the social networking service for YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters' and used as the place for communication, supporting activities, etc. by more than 2000 users (as of Dec 2008). hamatra goods are also pre-ordered exclusively in hamatra SNS. To join, simply invited by a hamatra SNS user or send an e-mail to welcome@hamatra.com subjected as 'Wanna join hamatra SNS' (registration might take a few days as the webmaster processes it manually).


icon.jpg  Links : Some essential links for YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters are listed below, some in Japanese plus some in English for non-Japanese supporters worldwide.

  • hamatra SNSLinkIcon: social networking service for YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters.
  • Trico PointLinkIconTrico Point: official fans shop in Scudetto, Shin-Yokohama, where hamatra Goods are available.
  • We are F-MarinosLinkIcon: Another freepaper published by YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters, distributed by handing-out on streets in Yokohama.
  • F-Marinos ChantLinkIcon: streaming and downloading the audio files of YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters' chants, recorded live at the stadium, for PC / mobile.
  • YOKOHAMA F-MARINOSLinkIcon: the club official.
  • M. O. I. S. T.LinkIcon: supporters' site in English.
  • Tricolore PrideLinkIcon: a fansite in English, with the translations of official news, match reports etc.
  • Japanese Football ForumLinkIcon: English forum on Japanese football.

icon.jpg  FAQs:

When is "hamatra" published? Where can I get a copy?

"hamatra" is basically published on every home games (including cups), although sometimes we have to skip some games for some reasons, such as the schedule is too tight, etc. It's available at the stadium before the match, by handing-out by the distribution staff. Some copies of the back numbers are available at Trico Point.

Who is publishing?

"hamatra" is edited, written, designed, published and distributed by the voluntary staff from YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporters. Voluntary staff for editional and/or distribution is always wanted. If you're interested, please contact and join hamatra SNS communities:
[editorial] / [distribution]

Is it archived online?

"hamatra" is not archived online, because it is basically published to be 'a pleasure at the stadium'. In other words, we would like to distribute it hand-to-hand to each and every YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS supporter: we don't even want to let other teams' supporters see it. Therefore, we have no intention to archive online nor prepare PDFs to download, although, as required by some (especially non-Yokohama residents), the list of the back numbers and some selected articles can be read here (to be added gradually).

How to participate?

Simply, join hamatra SNS and get in touch with the members. Active members are always wanted (especially those who has specialities such as accounting, laws, editorial, design, etc. In short, whatever specialities are wanted and you can use your skills as you like). See the left to know how to join. 

For further information and/or general inquiries, please contact: info@hamatra.com.